Why choose PATTON for House Raising?

The process of House Raising is a very complicated process that involves precision and expertise.  Leaving your House Raising project in the wrong hands could lead to disaster. We are a dependable House Raising company for a number of reasons.  Our team utilizes a unified jacking system, which raise and control the flow of oil to each of the jacks raising a structure so that all jacks unify together and bring the load up perfectly level.  Lifting a home onto a slab, basement or crawlspace are all different processes and require subsequent planning and methodology. Our team will develop the best method of lifting your home based off its specifications. From start to finish, we will ensure that the job is done carefully and correctly.

Once the House is raised we provide full services required to demolish the old foundation, excavation, install new foundation, and any carpentry/construction required to lower and secure the House onto its new foundation.


Since 1999, Patton House and Building Movers has been proudly serving the Midwest for all house moving, house raising, and foundation repair services.  Years of successfully completed projects has developed and maintained a reputation of unprecedented professionalism and expertise in the house moving industry.

In 2013, PHBM teamed with Structural Solutions of NJ to provide house lifting consulting which further developed into providing all house lifting beam plan designs, unified jacking machine operation/supervision for all house lifts, and supervision for Structural Solutions' house raising crews. 


For 20 years Patton House and Building Movers has raised and/or moved hundreds of homes, buildings, and structures.  We have the expertise, professionalism, and integrity to ensure all our Midwest and nationwide projects are completed successfully and exceed Owner's expectations.


After 5 years and counting, hundreds of homes have been raised affected by Hurricane Sandy, Irene and other incidents of flooding.

No matter what size, shape, wood framed, concrete, block, or brick, our Master House Mover and Lifter will design a specialized beam lifting plan to ensure all structures are moved or lifted with little to no damage.